School Field Trips

Elementary and middle-school students visiting Big Bald Banding Station (BBBS) have the opportunity to handle, measure and examine migrant songbirds or look a wild raptor in the eyes before releasing these birds back into the environment. High school and college students from around the region have volunteered at BBBS and gained practical field biology skills and experience by assisting in SARR monitoring and research projects.

Visits to Big Bald by local elementary school classes have been a highlight in recent years. SARR has worked closely with 4th-graders from Evergreen Community Charter School in Asheville, and Mars Hill Elementary and Hot Springs Elementary Schools in Madison County to provide a unique, hands-on experience. A cross-curricular Field Notebook created by SARR helps to focus student activities during a visit to Big Bald Banding Station. The Field Notebook can be tailored for each class that visits, and for various grade levels. Click to view an Example School Field Trip Itinerary and field trip notes for teachers.

A collaborative Bird Unit was also developed by Evergreen Community Charter School and SARR. Click here to view 4th-grade student work created during a collaborative Bird Unit between Evergreen and SARR.

SARR provides follow-up visits to the classroom to enhance students’ education experience after visiting Big Bald. SARR also assists in implementing citizen science projects such as Project FeederWatch and NestWatch at regional schools.  Visit the SARR Schoolyard Science page for information.

Please contact SARR if you are interested in scheduling a field trip to Big Bald Banding Station.