Wandering Warbler Waifs Wow SARR MAPS Vols!

AMRE wing

AMRE in hand

American Redstart female

As fledgling birds disperse from nests to explore the rich Little Tennessee River bottom land habitat, SARR MAPS station volunteers have feasted on the great views and diversity of young birds.  American Redstart and Chestnut-sided Warblers have recently been banded for the first time this season at Cowee Mounds, while roving gangs of young-of-the-year Blue-gray Gnatcatchers kept the net crew hopping. Tessentee MAPS species richness topped all locations with 18 different species banded last week, including young Black-and-White, Worm-eating and Hooded Warblers. And the higher-altitude breeders like Canada Warbler, Least Flycatchers and Slate-colored Juncos are still producing fledglings at Big Bald MAPS, making for the highest station totals in several years.

With only four samples remaining, volunteers are still needed and welcome at all SARR MAPS sites.  Come out and enjoy close-up looks of the summer fledglings. Current schedule and directions to each site can be found at our Calendar and Contact pages. For more info on 2014 MAPS results go to the SARR MAPS page.